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Girls Game Rules

The Catawba Classic will use US Lacrosse Rules Official Rules for Girls & Women's Lacrosse with the following modifications:

Length of the Game: Games will start on the hour and consist of two twenty-two (22) minute running halves. The clock will stop if there is an injury. Five (5) minute half time break.

Overtime: There will be no overtime on day 1 games.  On day 2, any game in which the score is tied at the end of regulation time shall be followed by one (1) four (4) minute sudden-death overtime period. If the score is tied at the end of the 4 minute overtime, the game will be decided by a Braveheart.

TIE BREAKERS: The top teams are determined by: 1. W-L recored; 2. head to head; 3. Goals Allowed; 4.Goals Differential; 5. Goals Scored; 6. Rock, Paper, Scissors

Fouls: US Lacrosse WomenÃ??Ã?¢??s Rules apply. Please note the following: Yellow carded players must leave the field for 2 minutes of elapsed playing time and no substitute may take her place. A player who receives a second yellow card will be suspended for the rest of the game, and no substitute is allowed until 2 minutes of playing time has elapsed. If a player is given a red card by an empire they are ejected from the game. No substitute may take her place for 2 minutes of elapsed playing time.

Time Outs: No Timeouts

Equipment: All players must have a girlÃ??Ã?¢??s lacrosse stick, protective goggles, a mouth piece, and cleated shoes are recommended. Goalkeeper must wear a helmet with face mask, a separate throat protector, padded gloves, padding on the shins and thighs, a mouth piece, and a chest protector.   No jewelry of any kind is permitted or metal hair clips.

Playing Area: The field will be marked consistent with US Lacrosse field dimensions to the extent possible. Shortening the field and other playing area modifications will be at the discretion of the tourney.

Division Rules:

U19: All rules enforced per the US Lacrosse Rule Book except what is listed above.

U15: All rules enforced per the US Lacrosse Rule Book except what is listed above and below.

  • Modified checking applies, defined as checking the stick in a downward motion away from the other players body below the shoulder level

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